Whether the result of overtly racist attitudes or subconscious bias that predisposes some to assume the worst when encountering young African-American men, it is clear by now that race is a factor in the frequency with which interactions between law enforcement and blacks too often end up violently and with unarmed black men dead in the streets. This is a serious matter and deserving of the urgent attention it is now, far too late, receiving. But there is more here than violence between black and white, and the racial dimension of the problem has overshadowed at least two other serious concerns.

Ashton Carter was nominated today as President Barack Obama's pick for Secretary of Defense.

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Should we push for more college-educated police officers? Why did President Barack Obama's meeting with Native American youth in North Dakota make him emotional? What will encourage job-hopping millennials to commit to an employer? Programs at the Aspen Institute have been scouring their respective issue areas to find and share the most insightful and informative links to answer these questions, and more.
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“I’d call prisons before anybody knew about the work and say, ‘Hey would you like us to come to your prison and put makeup on your guys, and do, you know, four hours of what we call the theater of sweat with no breaks?’ They were kind of like, ‘Well, that’s so crazy you should really come and try it.’”
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Catto Fellow Kirsten Saenz Tobey pledged to improve access to healthy food and teach healthy eating habits to more than 250,000 students in underserved US communities by 2016.
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Insights on improving job accessibility from the authors and editors of "Connecting People to Work: Workforce Intermediaries and Sector Strategies."
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Today is Giving Tuesday. Millions of generous Americans will take the time today to make a meaningful contribution to non-profit organizations that they cherish. We know that you have enjoyed some of the Institute’s vibrant programming, and hope that you will give today. 

A new wave of entrepreneurs are entering developing economies and creating market-driven solutions that not only generate profit, but provide products and services critically needed by bottom-of-the-pyramid consumers to improve quality of life and access to resources and services.
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Three weeks ago, I took a group of Aspen Institute friends who had gathered from all across the country to make a 24-hour excursion to Bentonville, Arkansas, to visit the museum that benefactor Alice Walton has founded and given to America.
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According to Bloomberg, the cost of higher education in the United States has increased by 1,225 percent over the last 36 years. Tuitions continue to climb while public financial support diminishes, forcing prospective students to seek loans that, at best, won’t see a return on investment, and at worst, result in a detriment to their success and ultimately, the future of our nation’s economy.
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