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As we observe Memorial Day, American troops continue to wage war and make sacrifices around the world.

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Registration for the 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival opened this morning, with tickets to the Festival available here.

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Upon the news that New York City has acquired what will become the final section of the High Line from CSX Transportation for development, it seems fitting that we take a look back at High Line architect Elizabeth Diller’s discussion at the Institute’s Ideas Festival earlier this summ

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In 2005, the United Nations established an initiative called Responsibility to Protect, predicated on the idea that sovereignty is a responsibility rather than a right, and that gross human rights violations are an abrogation of that responsibility requiring outside intervention.

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In Santa Barbara, California, an inmate dissatisfied with his jail cell can now purchase an upgrade for $82 a night. In North Carolina, the non-profit Project Prevention offers drug-addicted women $300 to be sterilized. In Switzerland, the government recently considered offering residents of a small community $2,000 per year to allow a nuclear waste site to be built nearby.

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“Never underestimate the ability of Americans to hold several contradictory ideas at the same time,” iconic pollster and political consultant Mark Penn told the crowd at the Institute’s Ideas Festival in his introduction to the Aspen Institute/Atlantic Survey.

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The question of whether United States is in decline has pervaded panels all week at the Institute’s Ideas Festival, and was particularly prominent in a lively discussion between Harvard Kennedy School professor Nicholas Burns, Brookings Inst

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It’s a simple chicken-or-egg question: Is the bad behavior we see in sports leading to the winning-at-all-costs attitude of Wall Street and Washington, or is it the other way around? 

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Richard Fisher would like people to stop looking to the Fed for liquidity. “We have poured on monetary accommodation,” the Dallas Fed Chairman said at the Institute’s Ideas Festival, “we havefilled the gas tank, and there’s plenty of liquidity out there. Why isn’t it being put to use?”

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