Geneva Policy Dialogue Series for Reproductive Health

May 18, 2011

What cost-effective intervention can decrease poverty, human impact on the environment, and competition for scarce resources while fortifying the resilience of women and families to climate change, and improving the health, education rates and security of a nation? Reproductive health.

The Geneva Policy Dialogue Series on Reproductive Health is a collaboration between GHD and the WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research.

Taking place each year at the time of the World Health Assembly in May in Geneva, Switzerland, the series highlights the role of reproductive health in achieving health goals overall, and celebrates country leaders who are working to prioritize reproductive health. Launched in 2010, the series has also been the venue where the Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health honors the winners of the annual Resolve Award since May 2012. Join us in Geneva or by livestream as we celebrate new commitments made and new progress achieved in reproductive health each year.