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Charlie Firestone

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Charlie Firestone joined C&S as executive director in 1989. Since then, the program has focused on the implications of communications and information technologies for leadership; the impact of new technologies on democratic, economic and social institutions; and the development of new communications policy models and options for the public interest. Charlie also served as the Institute's executive vice president for policy programs and international activities for three years. Previously, he was director of the Communications Law Program at UCLA, and president of the Los Angeles Board of Telecommunications Commissioners. Charlie has argued two Supreme Court cases, and has written numerous articles on communications law and policy. In the fall of 2003 he was a visiting professor of public policy at Duke University.

Authored by Charlie Firestone:
Netpolitik: What the Emergence of Networks Means for Diplomacy and Statecraft, by Charlie Firestone and Leshuo Dong
Anonymous vs. ISIS: Netpolitik After the Paris Attacks by Charlie Firestone

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