Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs


What is the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs?

The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) is a global network of organizations that propel entrepreneurship in emerging markets. The network's members provide critical financing and business support services to small and growing businesses that create significant economic, environmental, and social impacts in developing countries.
What programs and services does ANDE provide?
ANDE supports our 190+ members, and is building a movement of support for Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) by providing:

•    Knowledge Sharing and Networking
•    Training and Talent Development
•    Metrics and Evaluation
•    Research
•    Capacity Development Fund
•    Advocacy and Education

For more a more comprehensive look at our work, please download our overview.

Where does ANDE work?

Our headquarters are in Washington D.C., but we have full-time regional coordinators based in Brazil, Central America and Mexico, East Africa and South Africa and India. ANDE members are located in over 150 countries around the world, with an additional member-led chapter in West Africa and East and Southeast Asia.

Who is part of the network?

Members of ANDE include both for and nonprofit investment funds, capacity development providers, research and academic institutions, development finance institutions and corporations from around the world.  Launched with 34 members in 2009, ANDE now comprises over 190 active members in more than 150 countries. A full list of members can be found here.

How can my organization join ANDE?

For information on the requirements and benefits of becoming a member of ANDE, please see our membership brochure.

How do ANDE members support SGBs?

ANDE members provide direct financing to SGBs, offer capacity development support so entrepreneurs can grow their businesses, link SGBs to global markets, support policy changes at banks and governments so that SGBs can succeed, and conduct research on the sector.

How does ANDE measure success?

ANDE believes strongly in building a robust evidence base to understand the impact of SGBs and the most effective ways to support them. Our strategy includes collecting social and environmental performance indicators that are aligned with the Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS). Our services to members include sharing best practices in metrics and evaluation through working groups, conferences, and one-on-one support, and we facilitate data contribution from ANDE members to the IRIS data repository. In addition, we conduct rigorous evaluations on how SGBs impact the quality of life of their employees, suppliers, and clients.
To learn more, please visit our Understanding Impact page.

How is ANDE connected with the Aspen Institute?

ANDE is a policy program of the Aspen Institute.  For more on the Aspen Institute, please visit
When was ANDE founded?

ANDE was officially launched in March 2009. The idea, however, grew out of a series of gatherings among a number of key organizations active in small and growing business cultivation in the developing world.