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The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)   is a global network of organizations that invest money and expertise to propel entrepreneurship in emerging markets. Officially launched in 2009, ANDE is a member-driven organization housed within the Aspen Institute, an international non-profit organization that promotes enlightened leadership. Our members are the vanguard of a movement that is focused on Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) which create economic, environmental, and social benefits for developing countries by supporting, empowering or financing entrepreneurship. Currently, our network comprises over 200 members  among foundations, institutes, accelerators, incubators, investment funds, researchers, government agencies and corporations. In Brazil, ANDE has more than 30 members who share the common belief that entrepreneurs and their businesses are a critical piece to promote social and economic development, both locally as globally. In order to stimulate the enlargement of this ecosystem, we provide them specialized knowledge about the field, national and international connections and encourage partnerships and exchanges among them (information, cases, and experiences).

For more information about ANDE in Brazil, please contact Rebeca Rocha, the Chapter’s Coordinator. To receive our monthly Newsletter, sign up here. ANDE Members – In case you want to join the Brazil Chapter activities, please access ANDE's Portal. If you do not have a login yet, please reach Alexander Pan. 



What we do? 

1) Knowledge Production:  

Mapping the Impact Investing Sector in Brazil (2014) 

Produced by ANDE, EQOM, LGT Venture Philanthropy and University of St. Gallen, the study exposes the current challenges and opportunities related to impact investment in Brazil, and also present some tendencies for the future of the sector. 

Mapping the Social / Inclusive Business Field in Brazil – (2011) 

The study is a result of a partnership among ANDE, Avina Foundation, Potencia Ventures and Plano CDE. It identifies the main actors of the social business field in Brazil, such as companies, incubators, accelerators and investment funds. In addition, the research provides data about their operations, performances and the social impact generated by these activities that aim to reduce poverty.

2) Events and Meetings:

Sector Events: 

Sector Events are meetings hosted periodically by ANDE in order to connect relevant actors of a specific field, engaging them on the construction of ideas and action proposals. These events are usually attended by organizations that work to stimulate entrepreneurship or to create activities and politics directed to the CDE classes in Brazil. 

Sector events already hosted: 

  • Ecosystem for Invention-Based Entrepreneurship (São Paulo, August, 2014) – Read the report

  • Technological Innovations for the Base of the Pyramid (São Paulo, May, 2014)

  • Opportunities in Technology for the Base of the Pyramid (Recife, November, 2013)

  • Housing at the Base of the Pyramid (São Paulo, September, 2013) – Read the report 

  • Health Services for the Base of the Pyramid (São Paulo, 2011)

Breakfasts: Exclusive meetings for members to discuss challenges, share opportunities and create innovative solutions by identifying projects and companies which have a high potential impact. Usually, special guests are invited to participate. 

ANDE Happy Hours: Space dedicated to members and partners to meet and update each other about their projects and initiatives. The Happy Hours are normally hosted before or after an important event, in order to promote the sharing of opportunities. 

Webinars: Online seminars with specialists, entrepreneurs, researchers and other actors. The subjects vary, but they always comprise relevant themes for the social entrepreneurism development in emerging markets. Webinars are available only for ANDE members to participate, through ANDE’s Portal.


3) Communication:

Monthly Newsletter:  A summary of opportunities and news related to ANDE members and to the entrepreneurism sector in general. Read the 2014 November Newsletter here 

Press Articles and News: 

B-Polo Platform: Interactive map, really useful to see where businesses, capacity development providers and investors are based in Brazil.



Who we are?

 ANDE Members active in Brazil: (Click here to see the map of the ANDE members which are currently active in Brazil 



Steering Committee:

  • Daniel Izzo, Vox Capital (Chair)

  • Dhaval Chadha (Pipa)

  • Fernanda Bombardi (ICE)

  • Jenny Everett, ANDE

  • Renata Truzzi (NESsT)

  • Rob Parkinson, Artemisia

 Steering Committee Chair: Rob Parkinson 

Rob is the Partnerships Coordinator at ARTEMISIA, and has spent almost 6 years working in Brazil to develop the field for businesses that serve the Base of the Pyramid. During this time, Rob founded the Brazilian Chapter of ANDE, and has been a member of the Chapter's Executive Committee since 2013. A former Regional Director at AIESEC International, Rob has lived and worked in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Thailand and the UK. He holds a BA in Economics from the University of Nottingham, UK, and a postgraduate certificate in Group Dynamics from SBDG, Brazil.

Chapter Coordinator: Rebeca Rocha  

Rebeca joined ANDE in 2012, after 5 years working in marketing and communications in Brazil (Recife and Sao Paulo) and in Egypt. Prior to joining ANDE, she worked in a social business start-up focused on developing innovative trading solutions for the agricultural and food markets in Brazil. She also coordinated the External Relations area of AIESEC in Brazil, a global organization dedicated to developing youth leadership. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the Catholic University of Pernambuco.