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ANDE 2014 Metrics Conference




ANDE Metrics Conference 2014
June 4th and 5th
Washington, DC

In 2009, ANDE hosted the first Metrics from the Ground Up conference in partnership with the Grassroots Business Fund. This event dedicated two days to the discussion of impact measurement. It brought together data wonks, evaluation specialists, technology gurus, and SGB sector practitioners - the whole ecosystem of people we needed to start building intelligence on the sector. 

Fast-forward five years, and ANDE hosted its fifth Metrics from the Ground Up conference on June 4-5.  Happily, much has changed since 2009. We are no longer talking about standardization. Thanks to the dedication of many organizations, the industry has aligned around IRIS as the catalog of social and environmental performance metrics that we can all use to compare and aggregate our individual data. 

Resources from the conference, including the agenda, are available here.