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Chuck Hagel

Chuck HagelDistinguished Professor in the Practice of National Governance, Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service Chairman, Atlantic Council

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Chuck Hagel is the Distinguished Professor in the Practice of National Governance at Walsh School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University. He is also Chairman of the Atlantic Council and serves on a number of financial and corporate advisory boards. Before joining the school faculty, he was the Senior Senator from Nebraska and sat on four committees: Foreign Relations; Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; and Intelligence and Rules. Previously, he was Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations International Economic Policy, Export, and Trade Promotion Subcommittee and the Senate Banking International Trade and Finance Subcommittee. Prior to his election to the Senate, he was president of McCarthy & Company, an investment banking firm in Omaha, Nebraska. Before joining McCarthy & Company, Senator Hagel was President and Chief Executive Officer of the Private Sector Council (PSC) in Washington, D.C., Deputy Director and COO of the 1990 Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations (G-7 Summit) and President and CEO of the World USO. He is a Vietnam combat veteran and former Deputy Administrator of the Veterans Administration. Senator Hagel is the author of America: Our Next Chapter, a publication that analyzes the nation’s current state and the necessary proposals needed to confront the challenges of the 21st century. Senator Hagel received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He is a member of the Aspen Strategy Group.