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David SangerChief Washington Correspondent, The New York Times


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David Sanger is Chief Washington Correspondent for The New York Times and one of the newspaper’s senior writers. For the 2011-12 academic year, Mr. Sanger is an adjunct professor of public policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, and a visiting scholar at the school's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. He is also the author of The Inheritance: The World Obama Confronts and the Challenges to American Power (Harmony, 2009). He served as the Times’ White House correspondent from 1999 until late 2006, when he was appointed the Chief Washington Correspondent. Previously, he served as Chief Washington Economic Correspondent, covering the Mexican and Asian economic crises, and as Tokyo bureau chief, covering Japan’s rise as the world’s second largest economic power and its subsequent recession. In his 29 year career at the Times, Mr. Sanger has twice been a member of teams that won the Pulitzer Prize, first for the investigation into the causes of the Challenger disaster in 1986, and later for investigations into the struggles within the Clinton administration over controlling technology exports to China. He has also won the Weintal Prize for diplomatic reporting for his coverage of the Iraq and Korea crises, the Aldo Beckman prize for coverage of the Presidency, and, in two separate years, the Merriman Smith Memorial Award, for coverage of national security issues. Mr. Sanger has specialized in coverage of nuclear proliferation. “Nuclear Jihad,” the documentary that Mr. Sanger reported for Discovery/Times Television, won the 2007 DuPont Award for its explanation of the workings of the A.Q. Khan nuclear proliferation network. Mr. Sanger graduated from Harvard College in 1982.  He is a member of the Aspen Strategy Group.