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Call for Nominations

This year, we are accepting nominations of business school faculty who are teaching (at the graduate level) about business practices that help corporations confront society's "grand challenges." In public conversation about big problems -- climate, inequality, global health -- fields like engineering, design and technology get deserved attention. But we believe that every one of our grand challenges is deeply affected by the rules of private enterprise, the everyday choices of investors and managers, and the business-fueled demands of consumers in developed markets.

More details, including the full call for nominations and nomination form, can be found on our new award website:

Nomination deadline: April 30th, 2016. Questions? Contact us at:


Upcoming Events & Conferences

Aspen's preeminent International MBA Case Competition asks future business leaders to innovate at the intersection of corporate profitability and positive environmental, social and ethical impact. This program engages over 1,000 students at 25 business schools located around the world to reflect on the role of business in society. 

The event will feature a case presentation from the winning MBA team focused on a complex, real-life business challenge being undertaken by a multinational company.  The program will also include a conversation with thought leaders on the topic of “21st Century Leadership” and the roles of business and higher education in societal change. We hope you can join us at the Yale Club of New York City at 8:00AM on April 29th!

Register online here.  Questions? Contact Iris Malfetano at


The eighth annual ARCS conference will bring together scholars from a variety of disciplinary and methodological perspectives interested in advancing research on corporate sustainability. ARCS is a consortium of universities and individuals, and serves as a professional society of scholars studying the interface between business and sustainability. ARCS provides data, tools, and networking opportunities to researchers who are developing a greater understanding of the opportunities and limits of policies and strategies to foster sustainable business.

Call for Contributions 

Proposals are invited for concise (150 pages average length) business education books geared to the undergraduate, MBA and executive education markets.  Interested authors are invited to discuss their ideas with Mary Gentile,


On-Line Resources 

The award-winning video series Ethics Unwrapped, produced by the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin, is an innovative resource in ethics education. With a focus on behavioral ethics, and more than thirty videos with teaching notes, this FREE series is available online for educators and students in high school, college or the workplace. Recent additions include a video series on values-driven leadership based on the book Giving Voice to Values by Mary Gentile. 



The Vanishing American Corporation: Navigating the Hazards of a New Economy (Gerald F. Davis; May 2016)

Changing Your Company from the Inside Out: A Guide for Social Intrapreneurs (Gerald F. Davis and Christopher J. White; March 2015)

Corporate Diplomacy: Building Reputations and Relationships with External Stakeholders (Witold J. Henisz; April 2014)

The Sustainable MBA: A Business Guide to Sustainability (Giselle Weybrecht; December 2013)

Owning Our Future: The Emerging Ownership Revolution (Marjorie Kelly; Berrett-Koehler; June 2012)

The Shareholder Value Myth: How Putting Shareholders First Harms Investors, Corporations, and the Public (Lynn Stout; Berrett-Koehler; May 2012)

Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money, and Community in a Changing World (Billy Parish and Dev Aujla; Rodale; March 2012)

Evolutions in Sustainable Investing: Strategies, Funds and Thought Leadership (Cary Krosinsky, Nick Robins, Stephen Viederman; Wiley Finance; December 2011)

Giving Voice to Values (Mary Gentile; Yale University; 2010)