Business and Society Program

Aspen Principles and Policy Recommendations

The Aspen Corporate Values Strategy Group (CVSG) is focused on promoting
changes in corporate and investment practice, as well as in public policy, to
support long-term orientation in business decision making and investing. Short-
term pressures in today’s capital markets restrict the ability of business to do
what it does best – create quality goods and services, invest in innovation, and
develop human capital. Rebalancing the short-term/long-term focus of
business will make it possible to bring a wider view to the role of business, one
that encompasses both fiscal and societal well-being.

Outputs from CVSG include: the Aspen Principles (Long-Term Value Creation:
Guiding Principles for Corporations and Investors, released June 2007) and
the policy corollary to the Principles, released September 2009, “Overcoming
Short-termism: A Call for a More Responsible Approach to Investment and

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