Business and Society Program

First Movers Fellowship Design Team

The design of the First Movers Fellowship program is rooted in knowledge gained from leadership development experts around the world. In dialogues hosted by the Aspen Institute Business & Society Program since 1999, these experts have shared their perspectives on the kinds of leaders we need to put this new management paradigm into operation – and how we can develop them. The First Movers Fellowship program transforms what we have learned from this decade-long inquiry into practice.

This expert Design Team guides the Fellowship program development.

Matthew Breitfelder, Managing Director, Global Human Resources, BlackRock Inc.
Shari Cohen, Partner, Next Step Partners
Mary Gentile, Director, Giving Voice to Values, Babson College
Trisha King, Program Coordinator, Aspen Institute Business and Society Program
Nancy McGaw, Director, First Movers Fellowship Program, and Deputy Director, Aspen Institute Business and Society Program
Judith Samuelson, Executive Director, Aspen Institute Business and Society Program
David Sluyter, Senior Advisor, The Fetzer Institute
Bryan Walker, Associate Partner, IDEO