Business and Society Program

Influencing Business Education

Our goal is to re-orient management education in ways that create a new definition of business success. In this new definition, an ability to deliver long-term value for both business & society is the fulcrum on which success rests.

Our work in management education is grounded in the belief that business school faculty -- through their teaching, research and consulting -- are powerful actors in setting the tone on Wall Street and in firms around the globe. Thus, our overarching objective is to build the vanguard of faculty who, through their teaching, will prepare our next generation of business leaders to more fully align business activities with the long-term health of society. 

To do so, we connect pioneering faculty who are taking up critical questions at the business and society interface and we provide these faculty with inspiration, ideas and platforms to deepen and disseminate their work.

Signature Programs:

  • Business Education Symposium: the Symposium aims to focus on exemplary teaching at the business and society interface. This conversation has a special emphasis on the changing market for business education itself and what these changes mean for the kinds of teaching that ensures students learn to work in ways that align business activities with the long-term health of society.
  • this site offers a curated collection of over 7,500 teaching materials to disseminate the cutting-edge work of faculty. Topics range from environmental sustainability and social innovation, to corporate governance and business ethics. 
  • Faculty Pioneer Awards: these awards raise the visibility of innovative teaching, dubbed "the Oscars of the business schools world" by the Financial Times
  • International MBA Case Competition: the Competition offers a singular opportunity for more than 1,000 students from 25 business schools worldwide to reflect on the significant influence - and potential for good - that a well-managed business can have in society. 
  • Undergraduate Business Education Consortium: the Consortium is designed to strengthen undergraduate education in both the liberal arts and business, by focusing on curricular and co-curricular approaches that integrate the two.