The Aspen Challenge

The Aspen Challenge: Denver

Denver Public Schools Aspen Challenge header

We were thrilled to partner with Denver Public Schools to present the Aspen Challenge: Denver. Twenty high schools across Denver participated in the program. Alumni now can collaborate further by joining the official Aspen Challenge Alumni Group.

To kick off the program, a two-day forum was held January 10-11, 2014. Some of the greatest leaders and thinkers who work in a variety of disciplines issued challenges to student teams. This two-day event was just the beginning. The students had seven weeks to collaborate and design solutions to the challenges they chose. They reconvened March 1, 2014, and teams brought their innovative solutions to the stage in a presentation to a panel of judges. Three teams - CEC Middle College, North High School, and George Washington High School - were selected to present at the Aspen Institute’s 10th annual Aspen Ideas Festival.

To go deep and learn more about the program in Denver, visit the page For Current Denver Teams.