College Excellence Program

2015 Finalist Selection Committee

Former community college presidents and faculty, along with respected researchers and policy experts, will review extensive data and applications for each eligible community college to select a set of finalists. We greatly appreciate the careful consideration provided by the Finalist Selection Committee members:

  • Elaine DeLott Baker, Colorado Online Energy Training Consortia, Colorado Community College System
  • Keith Bird, Corporation for a Skilled Workforce
  • Kathy Booth, WestEd
  • Vickie Choitz, CLASP
  • Marc Herzog, Connecticut Community College System (ret.)
  • Robert Johnstone, National Center for Inquiry & Improvement (NCII)
  • Amy Laitinen, New America Foundation
  • Nancy Poppe, Portland Community College (ret.)
  • LaShawn Richburg-Hayes, MDRC
  • Deborah Santiago, Excelencia in Education
  • Robert Shireman, California Competes
  • Nicole Smith, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce
  • Shanna Smith Jaggars, Community College Research Center, Columbia University
  • Heather Wathington, Maya Angelou Schools and the See Forever Foundation
  • Jane Wellman, Delta Cost Project

Affiliations of Finalist Selection Committee members listed solely for purposes of identification, and do not reflect organizational endorsement of the Aspen Prize.