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2014 Forum on Communications and Society

The rapid pace of technological change poses challenges to traditional values affecting government, business and the individual. The 2014 Forum on Communications and Society (FOCAS) explored the competing values of security, innovation, openness and privacy, and proposed constructive recommendations for ensuring free expression, consumer choice, and a secure and vibrant economy. It also addressed how to bring more Americans into substantive dialogue on Internet policies, that is, those beyond the familiar constituencies that do participate in these debates.

The annual event, which took place August 10-13 in Aspen Colorado and was sponsored by the Knight Foundation, brought together 35 invited leaders in the public and private sectors in a roundtable and working group format to develop innovative solutions for government, businesses and individuals to help ensure the Internet remains an open and equitable platform for free expression, commerce and learning. An interactive report detailing these findings and recommendations will be published online later this year.

The archived video from the FOCAS plenary discussions can be accessed below. Viewers are invited to continue the conversation on Twitter by using hashtag #FOCAS14.

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View Quid's report on Net Neutrality Public Narratives presented during FOCAS

FOCAS 2012

To review the proceedings of last year's Forum, visit the FOCAS13 page and download the Forum Report. Video archives from last year's sessions are available here.

For more information about this Forum, please contact Senior Project Manager Sarah Eppehimer at (202) 736-5818 or

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