Roundtable on Community Change

Dismantling Structural Racism Initiatives

Alumni of the Racial Equity & Society Seminars have been making important contributions to dismantling structural racism in their cities, communities, organizations and institutions.  Upon invitation, Roundtable staff serves as advisors and technical assistants to alumni as they implement their equity-promoting strategies.


  • Founded city-wide organizations and initiatives devoted specifically to dismantling structural racism. 
  • Enlisted superintendents, mayors, police chiefs and judges.
  • Integrated the dismantling structural racism framework into the decision-making processes of large organizations and foundations. For example:  
    • A newspaper in a major city is currently training its entire staff to apply a structural racism lens to their journalism, because the paper’s leadership believes that it will make better reporting and a better and more sustainable newspaper.
    • A version of the Racial Equity Seminar is being certified as a Continuing Legal Education course for judges in the state of Florida. 
    • Major policy and advocacy organizations on both national and state levels have modified their organizational missions and priorities.
    • Organizations and institutions have made different hiring decisions. 
    • An entire school district is examining its poorest performing schools with the racial equity lens and devising appropriate strategies. 
    • The practices of a major television network have been modified.

For more details on specific initiatives, please see our Current Initiatives.