Economic Opportunities Program

Skills for America's Future Our Vision and Purpose

America’s 21st century competitiveness depends on a workforce that can contribute up-to-date skills, which is why Skills for America’s Future believes worker training and development is one of the best investments America can make.

Providing Americans with the opportunities to develop these skills will benefit each job seeker and help make America’s businesses more productive, innovative and competitive.

To help achieve this vision, Skills for America’s Future will take on two key roles:

  1. A catalyst for change, so all Americans are able to have meaningful employment, and all employers are able to have access to skilled workers
  2. A thought-leader and constructive partner with employers, industry associations, community colleges, government, community-based organizations and labor

Partnerships with community colleges and employers will allow:

  • Job seekers to become more educated about career opportunities, learn more about the education necessary to reach a career goal, and understand the demand in local labor markets
  • Employers to access a better educated and trained workforce

Purpose of Skills for America’s Future:

  • Provide a platform to help illustrate the problem of the skills gap
  • Demonstrate how businesses can successfully partner with community colleges to meet their workforce needs
  • Offer a place where employers, community colleges and their other workforce partners can exchange ideas
  • Change the conversation so that the business and education communities focus on replicable and scalable solutions