Economic Opportunities Program

About Skills for America's Future

Problem: The Skills Mismatch

  • 60 percent of employers report that candidates applying for jobs lack the necessary skills to fill available positions.
  • There is often a mismatch between the training and skills many colleges and workforce trainers provide and what employers need.
  • This skills mismatch limits the ability of American companies to grow, forecloses economic opportunity for workers, and undermines our nation’s ability to be economically competitive in the global market place.

    The United States is experiencing a persistently high unemployment rate. Yet there are approximately 3 million jobs that go unfilled. Why? A combination of factors explains the paradox, including rapid changes in technology; increasing skills demands from employers; and globalization.

    While narrowing this skills mismatch itself will not solve the unemployment situation in the United States, addressing this challenge is a key part of the solution.

    Our Vision and Solution

    America’s 21st century competitiveness depends on a workforce that can contribute up-to-date skills, which is why Skills for America’s Future believes worker training and development is one of the best investments America can make.

    Providing Americans with the opportunities to develop these skills helps to extend economic opportunity for workers and grow the economy by making America’s businesses more productive, innovative, and competitive. To this end, we work to:

  • Provide a platform to help illustrate the problem of the skills gap
  • Demonstrate how businesses can successfully partner with community colleges to meet their workforce needs
  • Offer a place where employers, community colleges, and their other workforce partners can exchange ideas
  • Change the conversation so that the business and education communities focus on replicable and scalable solutions

    Meet Our Advisory Board

    Ellen Alberding
    The Joyce Foundation
    Nicholas Pinchuk
    Chair, Skills for America's Future Advisory Board
    Chairman and CEO
    Snap-On, Inc.
    Mark Bertolini
    CEO and President
    Mark Rigdon
    Executive Director, Global Philanthropy Group
    JPMorgan Chase
    Greg Brown
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Motorola Solutions
    Eva Sage-Gavin
    Vice-Chair, Skills for America's Future Advisory Board
    Executive Vice President 
    Global Human Resources and Corporate Affairs
    The Gap, Inc
    Walter Bumphus
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    American Association of Community Colleges                               
    Michael D. Scimo
    Managing Director, North America Human Capital & Diversity
    John Engler
    The Business Roundtable
    David Zaslav
    President and CEO
    Discovery Communications