Education and Society Program

Elements of a Human Capital Framework for Education

This section is loosely organized around the elements of the Aspen Human Capital Management Framework.  Each piece was selected to provoke new thinking and insights about a specific aspect of human capital management. 

Preparation and Certification

Sourcing and Retention

  • Why Acquisition and Retention Strategies Don't Work, Deloitte Consulting (2007), pp. 4-13. This Deloitte Consulting and Corporate Leadership Council piece on sourcing and retention provides an extremely useful research-based corporate perspective on what really matters to employees as they choose whether to take and stay in a job. 

Induction and Training and Development
These two articles on induction, training and development provide lessons from outside U.S. education – in this case military after action reviews and international approaches to teacher induction and training.

Performance Management, Tenure, and Compensation
The short pieces on performance management and compensation are chosen from the voluminous literature on these topics because they are particularly salient; in addition, some Workshop participants were involved in development three out of four of the pieces.