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Video from the Roundtable on Sustainable Water Infrastructure in the U.S.

Water Infrastructure CoverDavid Monsma, executive director of the Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Program, introduces the roundtable panelists and the newly published report, Sustainable Water Systems: Step One -- Redefining the Nation's Infrastructure Challenge, which was a result of a two-year Dialogue on Sustainable Water Infrastructure in the United States:

Wally Bishop, general manager of Contra Costa Water District, outlines the report's 'sustainable path,' its 20 guiding elements and how they can be used by water utilities, managers, and stakeholders around the county. He also details practical applications and points to models for sustainable water infrastructure in the United States.

G. Tracy Mehan III, principle of the Cadmus Group and former EPA assistant administrator for water, explains why the natural environment and watershed is a critical part of our national water infrastructure -- and illustrates what we stand to gain if we manage our water resources in a sustainable and coordinated way.

Michael Deane, executive director of the National Association of Water Companies, outlines some major themes of the report: transparent and full-cost pricing for water, coordination between agencies and stakeholders, the federal government's role in water infrastructure, and more.

Financial Times reporter Charles Rice asks about industry consolidation of water utilities. Wally Bishop and G. Tracy Mehan III respond.