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With the Free Trade Agreement in full effect, opportunities for trade, investment, and collaboration between the US and Colombia have never been more compelling. Driving this growing partnership is a new era of young and exciting entrepreneurs who are contributing both profit and value to the markets, communities, and environments in which they operate.

As an emerging market, Colombia is overflowing with opportunity and the Aspen Institute, renowned for its work in being a catalyst for global good, looks forward to exploring ways that individuals and organizations from US public and private sectors can play an active and valuable role in supporting Colombia's ecosystems for investment, entrepreneurship, and impact.  

This is a rare opportunity to join leaders of the Aspen Institute's Global Alliances Program and the US Department of State in exploring the potential for VC and angel investing in a truly booming market.


Participants in this trip met with:

  • The best and brightest Colombian entrepreneurs
  • Colombia's most successful and forward thinking impact accelerators, incubators, fund directors, and fellow angel investors
  • Senior government officials charged with facilitating foreign investment, and spearheading exciting initiatives in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Industry leaders paving the way for Colombian entrepreneurs to benefit from traditional finance, knowledge, training and resources.

And learned about:

  • Opportunities and processes for making foreign investments
  • The individuals and organizations involved in impact investing in Colombia the industries and sectors with the greatest opportunities
  • The investment and return landscape in Colombia
  • How Colombia's government and private sector are working together to safeguard US investment and security interests

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