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Achieving Access to Reproductive Health

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Why We Care About Reproductive Health

Investments in family planning yield demonstrated returns across all social and economic development sectors - food security, water access, health care, economic empowerment - yet are some of the least funded investments in global health. More than 222 million women want the ability to choose how many children to have and when, but do not have access to voluntary family planning services. And every dollar spent on family planning results in reductions in child and maternal deaths, returns in savings across other development sectors and environmental benefits.

What We Are Doing to Advance Reproductive Health

We have two initiatives that highlight the importance of reproductive health and family planning for women around the world:

Global Leaders Council on Reproductive Health
The Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health is composed of eighteen sitting and former heads of state, high-level policymakers and other leaders who build political leadership for increased financial and technical support for reproductive health. The Council works to revitalize global political commitment to reproductive health by increasing awareness of reproductive health issues, supporting the effective use of donor resources, and championing policies dedicated to achieving universal access to reproductive health.

IDEA: Informing Decision Makers to Act
The Informing Decision Makers to Act (IDEA) initiative coordinates three annual forums, "7 Billion and Counting" Roundtable Series, the Geneva Policy Dialogue Series for Reproductive Health, and supported sessions at the annual Aspen Ideas Festival, to engage new audiences, spotlight new research and best practice, and create political momentum at the highest level.


Building Resiliency: The Importance of Food Security and Population

April 12, 2014
Washington, DC

Realizing the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Women and Girls: A Breakthrough Strategy for Lasting Development and Prosperity

April 9, 2014
New York, NY


On women's health, we can't wait any longer

Joy Phumaphi,
September 2013

Embracing the Link: Today's Reproductive Health Choices and Tomorrow's Food Security

Lindsey Reichlin
July 2013


Summary Report from the Aspen Consultation on Health, Food Security and Population in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

February 2013

Brief: Family Planning is the Missing Investment

March 2012

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