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The Health Worker Migration Policy Council

Council Members
Council Members Sir George Alleyne, Lord Nigel Crisp, Dr. Percy Mahlati, and Hon. Sheila Tlou

The issue of health worker migration requires international solutions. The Health Worker Migration Policy Council (formerly The Health Worker Migration Global Policy Advisory Council) provides a unique, high-level forum for dialogue between policymakers from both source and destination countries about solutions that balance the right for individuals to emigrate in search of a better life and the right to health in source countries hard-hit by out-migration.

The Council has put forward leading analysis and recommendations for policy solutions and has mobilized global action to more effectively manage health worker migration to benefit all. Meeting two times a year and producing Key Recommendations Reports, the Council has paved the way for new solutions based on the views of both the Global North and South. The Council celebrated the unanimous adoption of the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel by the World Health Assembly in May 2010. In 2011, the Council was reconstituted with the aim of assessing Code implementation and continuing to address the challenges with health worker migration. 

Health Worker Migration Policy Council Chairs:

Senator Tom DaschleMary RobinsonDr. Francis Omaswa

Dr. Francis Omaswa

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