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The Resolve Award

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The Resolve Award celebrates progress made by governments toward delivering on the promise of universal access to reproductive health. This highly competitive, non-monetary award is designed to honor innovative and scalable approaches in accelerating progress toward universal access to reproductive health.  Innovations and awards will be considered in financing, policy development and service delivery.

  • Financing: Countries will be recognized for identifying or developing new ways to fund reproductive health services. Examples could include: resource pooling; voucher systems; collective health insurance; or leveraging the private sector.
  • Policy Development: Countries will be recognized for adapting, developing or improving the design and implementation of policies that remove barriers or facilitate progress toward universal access. Examples could include: adapting or developing a national reproductive health and/or adolescent reproductive health plan; public policy influencing private sector involvement; policies focused on reaching marginalized and/or vulnerable groups.
  • Expansion of service delivery:  Countries will be recognized for expanding access to reproductive health services and information. Examples could include: workforce expansion; integrated services; community-based distribution of contraceptives; task shifting; youth-friendly pharmacies and services; introducing new service delivery protocols, training curricula, and educational approaches.

Applications will be selected by the Global Leaders Council members and secretariat, in partnership with experts in the reproductive health field. Up to three awards total will be made in any combination of the three categories: financing, policy development, and expansion of service delivery. Representatives from the winning countries will be invited to speak on their country’s innovation at the annual Geneva Policy Dialogue Series for Reproductive Health event held at the time of the World Health Assembly. The award will be presented by members of the Global Leaders Council.

To learn more about the award and to apply, read on:

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Timeline and How to Apply

Or download the brochure to learn more. Applications for the 2015 Award will open in July 2014. Nominations can be submitted for the first deadline of 14 November 2014, or the final deadline of 16 January 2015. Please note that the Resolve Award is honorary and does not include monetary recognition.

The 2014 Resolve Award was given to Tanzania and Peru, with Afghanistan and Cambodia receiving special mentions. Three countries—the Gambia, Kenya, and Zambia, with a special mention given to Sierra Leone—received the 2013 Resolve Award for demonstrating leadership and political will. Learn why they were selected and watch the celebration of the incredible progress made by these countries at the 2013 Resolve Award Ceremony. Nepal, Malawi, Rwanda and Ethiopia were awarded the 2012 Resolve Award, with a special mention presented to Yemen.  Learn more about the 2012 Resolve Award country winners, pictured below, why they were selected, as well as the 2012 Resolve Ceremony