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The Goodjobs Challenge

Winners of The GoodJobs Challenge take the stage

April 20, 2013
San Paolo, California


Winning the Talent War, for Good

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Higher Education and Impact Careers

Developing the Next Generation of Social Sector Leaders

2013 Research:

To understand why there is a disconnect between talented people and careers of service and social impact, the ICI team will generate a preference profile of talented millennials. By evaluating existing data on millennial career choices, the ICI team aims to generate new insights and answer unanswered questions by administering focus groups and surveys. To identify the institutional barriers impeding the connection of talented millennials to impact careers, our team will conduct an extensive landscape analysis mapping the market for talent by identifying those organizations that successfully – and unsuccessfully – compete for the nation’s next generation talent. Finally, we will glean and aggregate insight from leaders in public, private, and social organizations through interviews and strategic partnerships.

To convert thought into action, we will design and launch a venture that works from the results of our research to build upon efforts already underway in the field of impact career development.