Partners for a New Beginning

About PNB

Partners for a New Beginning (PNB) advances economic opportunity in the focus areas of entrepreneurship, education, and innovation by catalyzing and convening networks of global leaders.

Partnership Focus

PNB is supported by a global coalition of prominent business and civil society leaders who are committed to building effective partnerships that:

  • Promote Economic Opportunity: Increase employment, improve access to finance, and build business capacity and development services to enhance livelihoods.
  • Foster Advances in Science and Technology: Improve infrastructure, address natural resource challenges, enhance research capabilities, and fund cutting-edge capabilities to support innovation and economic growth.
  • Enhance Educational Opportunities: Broaden access to education and enhance the quality of facilities and equipment.
  • Catalyze Exchanges: Foster physical and/or virtual exchanges in a variety of fields, including education, interfaith, business, and research, while developing programs to enhance human connectedness and build mutual understanding.

Locally Owned & Locally-Driven

Ten locally-owned and locally-driven PNB Chapters have been launched, including a regionally focused partnership in North Africa.  Local Chapters include: Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, and the Palestinian Territories. The establishment of a local PNB Chapter in Libya is currently underway.


PNB and its partners have launched, expanded, or pledged support for more than 180 new projects since the partnership began in September 2010. In turn, these projects will have impacted over 330,000 people, result in job training for over 43,000 individuals, and will initiate over 21,000 new businesses.

PNB’s Value Proposition

  • Builds and convenes intraregional networks based on specific themes and projects
  • Brokers locally-driven sustainable partnerships
  • Drives partnerships from ideas through implementation
  • Leverages private sector and public sector resources to achieve maximum impact

Public-Private Partnership

PNB was announced in April 2010 in response to President Obama’s call for a “new beginning” with the Muslim world through the development of collaborative networks that foster economic growth.  It was publically launched by PNB Chair and Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in September 2011. While not a US Government program, The US Government supports PNB by coordinating with US Embassies as necessary, brokering relationships with partners, and hosting government-to-government policy dialogues to facilitate information sharing.


This video above debuted at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting as part of the PNB 2011 Progress Report.

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