Partners for a New Beginning

PNB Local Chapters

Partners for a New Beginning is firmly committed to bridging partnerships that are locally owned and locally driven – steering away from the perception that the United States enters these communities and begins dictating what they perceive as local needs and priorities. With that in mind, the PNB Steering Committee and the Aspen Secretariat are working to stand up local PNB Chapters in each of our priority countries – chapters that operate as locally-driven, self-operational committees working to identify local priorities and implement targeted PNB projects to address those needs.

PNB Local Chapters are already underway in the priority regions of Indonesia, PakistanPalestinian Territories, Turkey and the Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia). Local chapters are being formed in Egypt, Jordan, Libya and Mauritania.

The PNB Local Chapters operate as locally-owned entities to:

  • Identify country-specific priorities and gaps
  • Identify projects that address these gaps
  • Work with local and US partners to implement projects that target these needs