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The State of America's Nonprofit Sector Project

About the Book

The State of Nonprofit America: Second Edition is an integrated, authoritative assessment of the state of nonprofit America and the key trends affecting its evolution. Order the book.

Today, America’s nonprofit organizations seem caught in a force field, buffeted by four impulses—voluntarism, professionalism, civic activism, and commercialism. Too little attention, however, has been paid to the significant tensions among these impulses. Understanding this force field and the factors shaping its dynamics thus becomes central to understanding the future of particular organizations and of the nonprofit sector as a whole.

To advance understanding of these challenges, The Aspen Institute is collaborating with Dr. Lester M. Salamon of Johns Hopkins University on the State of America's Nonprofit Sector Project, which produces periodic reports that examine the major developments affecting the nonprofit sector overall and in each of its major fields of activity (i.e., health, education, social services, etc.).

In the second edition of an immensely successful volume, Lester Salamon and his colleagues offer an overview of the current state of America’s nonprofit sector, examining the forces that are shaping its future and identifying the changes that might be needed. The State of Nonprofit America has been completely revised and updated to reflect changing political realities and the punishing economic climate currently battering the nonprofit sector, which faces significant financial challenges during a time when its services are needed more than ever. The result is a comprehensive analysis of a set of institutions that Alexis de Tocqueville recognized to be “more deserving of our attention” than any other part of the American experiment.

This project has been funded by:

  • The Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • The Nathan Cummings Foundation
  • The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
  • The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
  • The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  • The Rockefeller Brothers Fund


Eric Boehm
Finance & Administration Manager
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