Adopters of Health Information Technology Start To See Its Benefits

August 17, 2012

While some hospitals and physician practices struggle to incorporate health information technology into their operations, a number of institutions have begun to reap significant benefits from their early investment in this technology. This paper profiles six such organizations, including a medical system in the Midwest that uses a population health dashboard to track, improve, and report on patient outcomes; a regional health information exchange that has found ways for community organizations—including those without electronic health records—to share data; an academic medical center in New England that uses patient-reported data to determine the most effective treatment regimens; a pilot of health information exchange that has enabled patient data to be shared among clinicians in two of the largest health care systems in Southern California; an urban pediatric hospital that uses iPhones for clinician communication; and finally an integrated delivery system in the Northwest that engages members in their health care through an online patient portal.