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The Crisis with Russia

Aspen Strategy Group
November 19, 2014

The Aspen Strategy Group's Policy Books is an annual series of pieces on the United States most pressing foreign policy and national security issues written by contemporary thought leaders. This edition is a collection of papers commissioned for the 2014 Aspen Strategy Group Summer Workshop. On the occasion of the 30th year anniversary of the Aspen Strategy Group (founded in 1984), the Summer Workshop...

2014 Financial Security Summit: Rapporteur's Report

Colby Farber
November 5, 2014

The 2014 Financial Security Summit examined how policymakers, the financial services industry, advocates, and academics can advance new policies and products to make it easier for households to build financial security and to reinvigorate the American Dream. 

Crisis & Opportunity: Aligning the Community College Presidency with Student Success (Executive Summary)

November 5, 2014

The Institute's first higher education leadership initiatives address the community college presidency. In partnership with Achieving the Dream (ATD), the Aspen College Excellence Program has conducted research into the qualities of presidents who lead Aspen Prize winning community colleges and ATD leader colleges. This executive summary synthesizing our findings, “Crisis and Opportunity: Aligning...

Using Labor Market Data to Improve Student Success

October 28, 2014

Community Colleges have a unique opportunity to enable students to acquire the skills they need to land good jobs with strong wages, but colleges can only fulfill this promise if they are taking advantage of available data to tailor their educational...

Adapting to Plenty: Effects of the Oil and Gas Boom

2014 Forum on Global Energy, Economy and Security
Bill White, Chair and Leonard Coburn, Rapporteur
October 21, 2014

In July 2014 the topic of the Forum was “Adapting to Plenty:  Effects of the Oil and Gas Boom. Bill White, Chairman of Lazard Houston, and former Houston Mayor and Deputy Secretary of Energy, chaired. Participants considered additional opportunities for production and the challenges of achieving them, international impacts of the new North American production, the changing rationale for U.S. energy...

Leading from the Front of the Classroom: Teacher Leadership that Works

October 17, 2014

Teacher leadership is emerging as a key strategy to increase retention of effective teachers and distribute responsibility for improving instruction, but it must be designed and implemented strategically to meet these goals. A new paper from the Aspen Institute and Leading Educators, Leading from the Front of the Classroom: A Roadmap for Teacher Leadership that Works, highlights promising practices from...

Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries

A Report of the Aspen Institute Dialogue on Public Libraries
Amy K. Garmer
October 14, 2014

Rising to the Challenge is the culmination of a year-long exploration and examination of the challenges and opportunities facing communities and their public libraries as society moves deeper into the digital era. It projects a new vision for public libraries and promotes new thinking about libraries, their critical assets, new networked forms and the essential role they now play in providing...