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Market, Technology, and Policy Drivers: The Future Structure of the Electricity Industry (2000)

Rapid developments in legislative and regulatory ground rules, the growth of e-commerce, improvements in supply and demand technologies, and the changing expectations of investors are buffeting traditional utilities and creating opportunities for tho

Providing Energy Services in a Changing Industry

James E. Rogers, Chair and Gernot Wagner, Rapporteur

The 2010 Energy Policy Forum considered a range of challenges to "Providing Energy Services in a Changing World." The invited industry leaders and experts discussed different visions for the future of electricity, obstacles to achieving these visions, examples of transformational change in other industries, the impact of possible climate change legislation, and the challenges and opportunities for...

Slow Fuse

Written by Larry Pryor, the report suggests 10 steps that newsroom leaders should consider to help their organizations develop a franchise around innovative and compelling reporting on climate change and similarly complex, long-term issues.

Tackling the Critical Conundrum: How Do Business, Government and Media Balance Economic Growth . . .

Former EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman and former Undersecretary of State Frank Loy co-chaired a Forum in Aspen on balancing economic growth and a healthy environment.

The Mexico-US Border Environment and Economy: A Call to Action . . .

The Mexico-US Border Environment and Economy: A Call to Action to Make the Mexico-US Border Region a Model of Bi-National Cooperation for Sustainability: English and Spanish (2000)

The New Energy Security

The Program on Energy, the Environment, and the Economy has released The New Energy Security, the report of its first annual Global Oil and Gas Forum held in Aspen October 14-17, 2005.

The New World of Natural Gas

John M. Deutch, Chair and Leonard Coburn, Rapporteur

The 6th annual Forum on Global Energy, Economy and Security in 2010 examined the recent dramatic increase in shale gas production brought about by advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. The discussion included geopolitical issues that could be influenced by greater gas supply, the potential for increased U.S. gas demand, and the impact of possible climate change legislation. The Forum...

U.S. Policy and the Global Environment: Memos to the President (2000)

The Institute convened science, business, and environment leaders as a hypothetical committee to advise the President on global environmental policy. Read or download.

U.S. Policy on Climate Change: What Next? (2002)

Presents the papers of the 2002 Aspen Environmental Policy Forum concluding that the scientific case for action is clear.

Vulnerability & Resilience (2002)

Report from the 2002 Energy Policy Forum.