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Energy Supply and Infrastructure (2001)

In 2001, in the wake of a year of energy price volatility, serious electricity supply and price problems in California, and new proposals for energy legislation, the 25th annual Energy Policy Forum examined factors affecting energy supply and infrast

Energy Supply in a World of High Demand

A diverse group of experts explores questions of global and U.S. supply and demand, the prospects of alternative transportation fuels, the economic impacts of high energy prices, and the challenges of improving energy security.

Energy Supply Increase and Demand Reduction: Searching for Strategies (2002)

Explores policies to ensure adequate and affordable energy supplies while moderating demand for energy in an economically and socially acceptable fashion.

Energy: Old Challenges, New Opportunities

Focuses on energy decisions facing the United States, including vulnerabilities caused by increasing oil and gas imports, how to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, and the move toward greater competition in electricity markets.

Energy: The New Normal?

High energy prices, coupled with intensified fighting in the Middle East and broader acceptance of the need to act on global climate change, have suggested to many in the past year that the world of energy has changed.

Fossil Fuels, the Hydrogen Economy, and Policy Choices

In 2004 the Forum topic was Fossil Fuels, the Hydrogen Economy, and Policy Choices.

Market, Technology, and Policy Drivers: The Future Structure of the Electricity Industry (2000)

Rapid developments in legislative and regulatory ground rules, the growth of e-commerce, improvements in supply and demand technologies, and the changing expectations of investors are buffeting traditional utilities and creating opportunities for tho

Providing Energy Services in a Changing Industry

James E. Rogers, Chair and Gernot Wagner, Rapporteur

The 2010 Energy Policy Forum considered a range of challenges to "Providing Energy Services in a Changing World." The invited industry leaders and experts discussed different visions for the future of electricity, obstacles to achieving these visions, examples of transformational change in other industries, the impact of possible climate change legislation, and the challenges and opportunities for...

Slow Fuse

Written by Larry Pryor, the report suggests 10 steps that newsroom leaders should consider to help their organizations develop a franchise around innovative and compelling reporting on climate change and similarly complex, long-term issues.