Discovering What's Next in Life and Work

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"A major life or work transition can feel overwhelming even to the most successful individuals. Having a road map to navigate this new landscape of your life over the next 30+ years can be can be both reassuring and powerful. The Life Reimagined Seminar provides that map and guidance."

Janet Taylor--Janet Taylor, MD, New York City psychiatrist and a renowned consumer health expert


The Aspen Life Reimagined Seminar offers structured time in a reflective environment to step back and discover “what’s next?” in your life and work--at any stage of life. It introduces a fresh, real-time approach to help you clarify and tap into your sense of purpose, help negotiate life’s transitions, and develop a map to navigate your next phase of living. It supports you with expert guidance, tools, and insights to plan your next move. Led by a team with significant experience in professional and personal development, it includes a framework, readings, reflections, guided conversation, and planning for the future in the company of a small group of supportive peers.

The Aspen Life Reimagined Seminar is a four-day retreat limited to 25 participants, because imagining “what’s next?” is not easily done in an afternoon or in a lecture hall with hundreds of people. Through advance readings, guided conversation, and thoughtful individual and group exercises, the Life Reimagined Seminar affords both one-on-one learning and small group explorations in the company of others who are similarly engaged in living and working with a greater sense of purpose. 

The Aspen Life Reimagined Seminar is a spa for your soul.  Take the time to contemplate, discover, and create what comes next as you reimagine life and work filled with meaning and purpose.

What to Expect at the Aspen Life Reimagined Seminar?

  • Engaging Peers: The seminar is for people who are contemplating or experiencing a life and/or work transition, or who simply wish to be more intentional about how they spend their time. Participants are leaders and professionals in business, in the home, and in fields ranging from professional sports to public service who are facing a “what’s next?” moment.
  • Timeless Reflections: How have others, past and present, thought about purpose and transitions? Short readings from authors as varied as Aristotle, Chuang Tzu, Mary Oliver, and Viktor Frankl help focus your thinking about what matters most.
  • Timely Guidance: How do we clarify our purpose in the complex social and economic changes of our age? Explore the Life Reimagined tools and exercises in a structured, retreat environment and emerge with a concrete action plan.
  • Expert Facilitation: Two highly-trained facilitators—bringing decades of experience in professional development and life coaching—help you build on existing Life Reimagined and Aspen Institute resources in a dynamic, relaxed, face-to-face, conversational environment. There are no lectures, because only you can discern your meaning and purpose.
  • Retreat Setting: Seminars are held in a secluded, restful environment that helps you unwind and see more clearly what is most important to you. The schedule mixes participatory discussion and exercises with outdoor activities and time for individual reflection.
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Rich Feller"The seminar employs two complementary, time-tested approaches to fostering self-reflection and deliberate action: Richard Leider’s work on Living on Purpose, which builds on more than 30 years of writing, speaking and coaching; and The Aspen Institute’s method of facilitated, text-based seminars, which for more than 6 decades has helped people think about life and leadership. The Aspen Life Reimagined Seminar has woven these two approaches together specifically to help you navigate 'what’s next?'"

--Rich Feller, PhD, Past President of the
National Career Development Association

Life Reimagined

The Life Reimagined Seminar is a spa for your soul. Take the time to reflect, discover and reimagine what comes next in life and work full of meaning and purpose.