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At the 2015 Resnick Aspen Action Forum, Pahara-Aspen Fellow Aimee Eubanks Davis made a commitment to propel young people from underrepresented backgrounds into positions of impact and influence in...
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Above is the work of Brazilian street artist Paulo Ito. (Photo: Google Images)It’s an exciting, yet complicated week in Brazil. As soccer fans all over the world turn their attention to the 2014...
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The John P. McNulty Prize celebrates the boldness and impact Aspen Global Leadership Network fellows are bringing to the toughest challenges in their communities and the world at large. More...
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Over the past three decades, China has experienced an economic and social transformation on a scale and at a speed unlike anything witnessed in recorded history. The achievements of the past 30 years...
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Fellows from the Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN) talk about their expericence at the biennial leadership summit, ACTII 2011 - Stepping Up.
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Announcement of the John P. McNulty Prize Finalists
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Welcome Dinner: Profiles in Courage: Fellows Stepping Up Panelists: Bill Browder (HCF ‘01), Sylvia Gereda (CALI I), Bongi Kunene (ALI-SA III) Moderator: Peter Reiling (HCF ’98)
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Welcome Remarks by Peter Reiling and Walter Isaacson. Stepping Up with Fellows: John Deasy, Orode Doherty, Steve Benjamin, Michelle Odayan, Gonvindraj Ethiraj and Letty Teleguario.
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The Promise of Leadership Seminar, by invitation only.
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