Brother, I’ve seen some By Kabir: Reading and Meditation

May 3, 2021  • Executive Leadership Seminars Department

Read the poem here 


Almost from birth, we are taught to abide by the barriers between us: orders of events, roles to play, spaces where we do and don’t belong. A part of the human experience is exploring these boundaries within which we find ourselves and asking the question: what lies beyond?

Kabir describes the astonishing world of relationships and connectivity beyond the realm of our divisions – where predator and prey humbly respect each other, where birth and rebirth are one, where teacher and student learn together. This cycle of mystical universal connection that Kabir writes about is, in Indian poetry, called the “upside down language” – the process of encouraging us to question the divisions in our world to explore the astonishing and magical moments of connectedness that await us. What are the boundaries you were born into, and what boundaries have you created for yourself? What would it mean to turn those roles upside down? How might you explore what lies beyond to seek astonishing sights of new connection?

Brianna Curran

Washington, DC