Drinking By Gabriela Mistral: Reading and Meditation

December 28, 2020  • Todd Breyfogle

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If I poured into a cup all of the smallest gestures I have received, the cup would overflow many times over. There are some for whom the art of the small gesture comes naturally. In some cases they are meeting a need that is obvious; in others, the gesture addresses a thirst we perhaps didn’t know that we had. But each gesture of kindness is a gift of water to the soul. Our souls are hungry, and it is often too much to ask for us to meet the hunger of other souls. But to satisfy, for a moment, another’s thirsty soul is well within our reach. A sip of water amidst life’s parched journey is a sweet oasis, a pause before we resume our way. I remember other people’s gestures. They were gestures of giving me water.

Todd Breyfogle

Denver, Colorado

Wellsprings of Living and Leading
April 15, 2020 •