Forever Young By Bob Dylan: Music and Meditation

March 28, 2021  • Executive Leadership Seminars Department

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When we welcome new life, we project an image of our hopes and dreams onto a fresh slate of youth and innocence. Often, those dreams we have for our children are the embodiment of the way we wish we had lived our lives – the advice we wish we’d carried through our own journeys. Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” is such a wish. Written for his eldest son Jesse, Dylan’s lullaby is full of advice, hopes, and blessings for his child. What lessons do you wish to pass down to future generations? What advice do you wish you’d carried in your youth? Which of Dylan’s versus resonates most deeply with you? If you were to write your own verse, or even a full lullaby, what wishes would it embody?

Brianna Curran

Washington, DC