Houses of Parliament, Effect of Sunlight By Claude Monet: Painting and Meditation

February 25, 2021  • Executive Leadership Seminars Department

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The hallmark of the French Impressionist movement is the use of color to capture light – a split second image of sunset over sparkling water, and Monet has captured the London skyline in a brief moment. Stepping away from the piece, or catching only a glimpse of the canvas, and you feel like you’re there – immersed in the cool light along the Thames. But upon closer examination, the brushstrokes become blurred and messy, and close observation brings about a much more convoluted view of colors on canvas. Occasionally we experience such things in life – things that make more sense from afar or at a glance, but quickly become messy and blurry when we take a closer look. What are you making sense of today? How can you step back to take in the whole? Where can you capture the brief moments of sparkling light when you step away?

Brianna Curran

Washington, DC

Wellsprings of Living and Leading
April 15, 2020 •