Nazarene By Pauli Murray: Reading and Meditation

April 1, 2021  • Todd Breyfogle

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Say that he was legend. We humans are drawn to the past—sometimes in search of a mystic golden age; sometimes with a glance over the shoulder as we flee from suffering. This is Holy Week for Western Christians. It is Passover for Jews. There is a shared sense of protection, of being spared from injury. Is this just a dream, a mythic longing, or the fantasy of a tripped-out nonconformist? We struggle after credulity. Did it really happen—the life of Christ, the sparing of the first born? The crown of thorns, the mark on the door—these transcend historicity. They reveal that gift of pain that only love can bear. For believers and non-believers alike, this week calls us to rest in that gift of pain, and to know that we too can bear the pain and still cry “I love.”

Todd Breyfogle

Denver, Colorado