Spring By Annie Dillard: Reading and Meditation

March 22, 2021  • Todd Breyfogle

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Spring forces itself upon us. The crocuses are asserting themselves again through the remnant of the three feet of snow that fell last weekend. The days since have been sunny, and warm, almost like early summer, eclipsed today by more snow. Is it spring forcing itself upon us, or winter trying to claw back the changing of the seasons? It’s hard to tell. But the rapid and often unpredictable changes of spring prompt us, if we are willing, to a different kind of attention, a different knowledge. Things come to life—birds, buds, bugs, the beds of gardens harboring fugitive seeds spread by last year’s autumn winds. It is not orderly, but we somehow must deal with it, says Annie Dillard, take it into account. What does it mean to look spring in the eye? What renewal in ourselves is spring demanding? What time will we take in maintaining a holy curiosity?

Todd Breyfogle

Denver, Colorado