The Play-Mood By James Sully: Reading and Meditation

January 3, 2021  • Todd Breyfogle

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The dog is always ready to play. With all of life’s cares and ills, the play-mood seems difficult to summon, or perhaps even inappropriate. And yet laughter binds us together even though the language of laughter is rife with images of separation: side-splitting laughter, explosive laughter, uninhibited laughter. Similarly, while playfulness has its own rules, play breaks many of our standard conventions. The dog contravenes the expectations of the game of fetch in order to play another game—of chase. All of this has, as James Sully points out, a dimension of make-believe. Playfulness is a creative act in which we are authors of something unconventional. And play is an act engaged in for its own sake, and so doubles itself in joy. Like the dog, stand ready in the anticipation of play. Amidst the descending expectations of the new year, let the play-mood in.

Todd Breyfogle

Denver, Colorado

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