Thy Continued Marvels By Abraham Joshua Heschel: Reading and Meditation

November 28, 2020  • Todd Breyfogle

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The miracles that are daily with us speak with a soft voice. They do not draw attention to themselves. They are not boisterous. Even as we think of giving thanks, as is our American custom on this day, it is easy to overlook the miracles that are daily with us. Our routines typically do not prepare us for the attention required to recognize the marvels that are continually before us. Oddly, our English word “routine” carries two contradictory meanings. On the one hand, it denotes the smooth road of predictability. But it is derived from the Latin word to rupture—as when a road is built, it opens up space in the ground. What are the routines that do not plow under the daily marvels, but rather open up a space in which they can shine with all their fullness? May we all experience commonplace deeds as spiritual adventures. May we open space to feel the hidden love and wisdom in all things.

Todd Breyfogle

Denver, Colorado

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April 15, 2020 •