When People Say, “We Have Made It Through Worse Before” By Clint Smith: Reading and Meditation

January 27, 2021  • Executive Leadership Seminars Department

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“Sometimes the moral arc of the universe/does not bend in a direction that will comfort us./Sometimes it bends in ways we don’t expect & there are/people who fall off in the process,” Clint tells us. In the midst of a bend in the arc of the universe, it can be difficult to see what lies ahead and trust in the possibility of a better future. Much of the work involved in building a better world is planting seeds of a tree in whose shade we may never lie. What drives you toward a better future, even when it can be hard to see? What keeps you hopeful when cynicism descends? What lies have you told yourself about the world, and how might you begin to seek truth? What does it mean to you to simply believe?

Brianna Curran

Washington, DC 

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April 15, 2020 •