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Flash Seminar: Rooting Our Leadership in Humanity – June 2024

How do we embed our core values in our leadership vision and actions? How do our perspectives on human nature play a role in our professional decisions? 

Aspen Leadership Seminars start from a simple premise: the difficult decisions leaders make are moral, not technical. Leaders must understand the values that animate their decisions. Our seminars meet people where they are in their leadership journey and then guides them to the next level

Join us Wednesday, June 26th, 2024, from 4:30PM – 5:30PM ET, for a free, virtual Flash Seminar on Rooting Leadership in Humanity with Managing Director of Seminars at the Aspen Institute, Kalissa Hendrickson, PhD. Come ready–with camera and microphone on–to engage with a short reading and use it as a jumping off point to explore these questions; uncovering how your answers influence your personal and professional leadership decisions. 


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This Flash Seminar is also a glimpse into the Aspen Institute’s leadership seminars, including the signature Aspen Executive Seminars on Leadership, Values, and the Good Society.  All Aspen Leadership Seminars leverage a unique method of moderated, text-based dialogue that transforms leaders’ ability to understand their own values and achieve meaningful leadership growth for nearly 75-years.



About Aspen Institute Leadership Seminars

Aspen Institute Leadership Seminars offer dynamic, challenging environments where you learn to leverage the values that drive your leadership and become a better leader. Participants say they walk away with:

  • Steadfast understanding of personal leadership values
  • Improved capacity to listen, communicate, and lead
  • Heightened ability to inspire others and drive change
  • Greater self-awareness and capacity for self-correction
  • Increased sense of purpose and mission
  • Enhanced understanding of what motivates people

Seminars are offered in a variety of formats and durations including in-person in Aspen, CO and virtually. We also partner with organizations to create Custom Leadership Seminars.

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Signature Seminar: Aspen Executive Seminars on Leadership, Values, and the Good Society

For nearly 75 years the Aspen Executive Seminar on Leadership, Values, and the Good Society has challenged participants in every field to achieve meaningful leadership growth through a critical examination of their core values as well as the tools to tackle their most pressing leadership challenges. Spots are available from Spring to Fall each year. Learn more.

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Wed Jun 26, 2024
4:30pm - 5:30pm EDT