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Sharing Shakespeare 3.0: Supernatural Beings

Moderators Peter Waanders and Morgan Walsh will focus on Shakespeare’s use of supernatural beings to advance plots and as metaphor. How is the supernatural used differently in each play? Are the weird sisters real or in Macbeth’s subconscious? Do they change the future or are they aiding fate?  In The Tempest, are Ariel and Caliban actual beings or are they aspects of Prospero, or both? Do they really have magical powers, or is it Prospero? Readings include Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s great tragedies, and The Tempest, a powerful late romance.

Readings: The Tempest, Macbeth

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Event information
Mon Jan 9, 2017
6:30pm - 9:00pm GMT+0000
Aspen Meadows Campus
1000 N Third St
Aspen, CO