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Sharing Shakespeare 3.0 – A Tale of Two Richards: Exploring Richard II & Richard III

In this session, moderators Julie Comins and Bob Meyers will take a deep dive into Shakespeare’s portrait of two very different English kings, two generations apart and alike in name only––one who abdicates the throne due to weakness and poor judgment, the other who ascends the throne by the vilest means possible. We will consider villains and victims, traitors and treason, the Divine Right of Kings, Queens’ curses, how power is transferred, sins of omission and commission, and who is it that serves as the conscience of the King, absent a court jester.

Readings: Richard II, Richard III

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Event information
Mon May 15, 2017
6:30pm - 9:00pm GMT+0000
Koch Building
1000 N Third St
Aspen, CO