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Sharing Shakespeare – Coriolanus: Allies and Adversaries in Republican Rome

In the first session of the series, moderators Donna and Bernie Grauer will explore the relationships of the major characters in Coriolanus and how they shift with the political winds; follow the conflict between the patrician fighting machine, Coriolanus, and the commoners and their elected representatives to the brink of Roman civil war; identify when allies switch to being adversaries; and examine the character flaws in the archetypical hero, Coriolanus and his twisted relationship with his mother, Volumnia, one of the greatest mothers in Western literature. Conflict, both physical and psychological, wraps itself through the fabric of this stirring portrait of the ultimate man of action.

Event information
Mon Oct 16, 2017
6:30pm - 8:30pm MST
Koch Building
1000 N Third St
Aspen, CO