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One World. One Aspen.

July 1, 2020  • Institute Staff

Give NowThe planet is more interconnected than ever. Technology lets people engage across borders. Pandemics strip countries of their perimeters. The global economy affects every nation, bank, and business. Climate change does not conform to maps. Political movements seep across disparate lands. These issues pervade every aspect of society, creating complex systems and interdependencies that leaders around the world must address.

Long before globalization became conventional wisdom, the Institute had a vibrant international arm. Today, the Institute has a network of 11 International Partners, and all pursue the goal of a Good Society, values-driven leadership, and a cultivation of big ideas: Institut Aspen France, Aspen Institute Germany, Aspen Institute Italia, Aspen Institute Central Europe, Aspen Institute Romania, Ananta Aspen Centre, Aspen Institute Japan, Aspen Institute New Zealand, Aspen Institute Kyiv, Aspen Institute España, and Aspen Institute México.

Over the last year, Aspen Institute Romania emphasized energy security in the Black Sea region with their flagship event, the Bucharest Forum. Aspen Institute Kyiv has seen an incredible number of its alumni in the new government, including the prime minister, 23 of the 230 ministers in Parliament, and five Cabinet members. Aspen Institute Japan has focused on preparing talented women for leadership roles in Japanese society, and partnered with the Socrates Program for a series of seminars bridging East and West. Aspen Institute España examined the future of democracy in Latin America, and explored globalization with politicians from nine different political parties. Aspen Institute México launched a national Project Play Playbook to address children’s physical inactivity and considered a Green New Deal for Mexico. And, finally, the Institute’s newest international partner, Aspen Institute New Zealand, strengthened ties with the US Embassy and launched its new blog.

All of the above are just a few of the international partners’ impacts and offerings. The Institute’s broad reach and influence exist, in other words, not only in the United States but across the world.