Speaking Truth in the Midst of Chaos

July 23, 2019  • Eduardo Enriquez

From the onset of the Nicaraguan crisis, journalists have been one of the key targets of the Ortega regime, with over 50 journalists in exile, three jailed, and some killed in an effort to control the flow of information. CALI Class V Fellow Eduardo Enriquez is the editor-in-chief of the oldest newspaper in Nicaragua, La Prensa. He knew that it was critical that he continue his work reporting on the government to keep the country informed.

This was no easy task. The Ortega regime controls the flow of resources in and out of Nicaragua and quickly began limiting La Prensa’s access to ink and printing paper by holding their imports in customs. In addition to their supplies challenge, revenue from advertising, which made up 80 percent La Prensa’s operating budget, was drastically reduced due to instability in the business sector. These pressures forced Eduardo to cut his staff from 100 journalists to 35 and to reduce the length of the paper from 32 pages to just 8 pages of news. Yet, despite the risks and challenges, Eduardo continues to lead La Prensa and report on the state of the government and the well-being of the country.

In addition to his role at La Prensa, Eduardo worked to expand his journalistic impact by creating a new venture,, an independent website designed to explain the context – the “how” and the “why”- of the news of the day. This style of reporting is designed to help readers fully comprehend the economic and political situation by covering issues in depth. The organization is small, adaptable, and agile, allowing it to shift to meet the needs of an ever-evolving situation.

If we don’t provide information to the people and don’t do our job, then Nicaraguans will have information only from the propaganda apparatus of the government, which is very strong and very powerful.