Alysa Herrera Taylor

After graduating from Howard University in May 2016 with her BS in Psychology and a minor in Spanish, Alysa Herrera Taylor matriculated as a Doctoral Student in Howard’s Developmental Psychology Program. The diversity of her hometown in Phoenix, Arizona seeded Alyssa’s long-standing passion for working with adolescents and incorporating the importance of culture and education into her engagements. As an undergrad, she served as an Academic Support & Counseling Intern at Howard Middle School, dividing her time between the classroom and small group therapy sessions. During her junior year, Alysa’s introduction to The Future Project led to her placement at a local DC high school, where she has been assisting young scholars in creating and implementing projects aimed at improving relations among faculty members and students. Her current research involves academic achievement among African American youth who are exposed to psychosocially toxic environments and how moderating factors can improve their overall success.